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About The Candidate Councilman Marcellus “B2” Harris III

Marcellus L. Harris III endearingly known to most as “B2” was born and raised in Newport News, VA and was a part of the last graduating class at Ferguson High School. Mr. Harris is married to Rasheena Harris and has two children, Marlinda Harris (10 years old) and Marcellus Harris IV (8 years old).

Since 2005, he has worked for Newport News Public Schools as a professional school counselor along with serving as the head football coach at Denbigh High School for 11 years. While serving as a counselor at the elementary level, he founded the P.R.I.D.E. Program (Perfecting Responsible and Intelligent Demeanor Everyday) which is a mentoring and empowerment program that is structured to motivate and provide programmatic support for elementary age male students needed to achieve abundant levels of success academically and socially. The program stresses the development of the character traits and social skills necessary for academic success. The program was implemented during his time at Greenwood, Newsome Park and Epes Elementary Schools.

Through this program, with the help of his colleagues, coordinated the first elementary-age male leadership conference for young males at Newsome Park Elementary School. He has orchestrated numerous career fairs for young people to open their minds to the various occupations available to them through hard work and a desire to achieve their goals. He has been a keynote speaker at schools across the city for citizenship ceremonies, academic promotional ceremonies and athletic banquets. He served as a minister at First Baptist Church Morrison in the City of Newport News, where his father retired as the pastor after 45 years.

He is a member of the Bethea Family Foundation and a youth league Athletic Coach through Newport New Parks and Recreation. He believes that all citizens should be heard and valued and that being a city official is his calling.

In 2016, Dr. Harris was elected to represent the North District of Newport News as a City Councilmember. He currently serves in this capacity as he continues his advocacy for youth empowerment, safe communities, and maximizing educational and recreational opportunities. His passion is mentoring and being a positive influence in the lives of people in the community in attempts to allowing our young people and their families to recognize the shining lights that they can serve in our communities. He has always felt obligated to give back to others, which has meant so much to him growing up. Mr. Harris has continued the legacy set forth by his father in standing up for social injustice, equality for all, being available to enlighten our citizens, empowering our communities to enhance our city.

Priorities for the City of NN
Effective collaboration among our City and School Board is vital to ensure that our students are receiving the proper educational services that they deserve. Our NNPS staff, from the bus drivers to the central administrators, should feel valued and communication among all entities should be welcomed so that all operations are efficient.

Enhance Parks and Rec programs to assist addressing our Youth Violence and Gang Prevention Initiatives. My thoughts are that we have to streamline our protocols for coaches and mentors to work with our young people in art and athletic programs, which in turn increases academic performance and decreases idle time.

The school to prison pipeline must be dismantled and we can do that by tapping into the talents of our young people by providing more programs that feed their passions and prayerfully the guns will be put down and life becomes valued more. Utilizing community grassroot organizations will be pivotal in overcoming these challenges

Our local small businesses should be offered some of the same pliant conditions that major proprietors receive when it comes to operational protocols and start-ups. Small businesses are the lifeline of any city, which employ many of our citizens.

Ensuring that all residents feel safe throughout our City is of the upmost importance. We do that by enhancing our community partnerships with faith-based organizations, non-profits along with existing neighborhood watch programs and our police department. Also, providing mental health trainings for City personnel and offering mental health  resources for those in need is vital for  our communities to best understand how to effectively co-exist.